"Time heals everything apart from corrosion." (A.J. Munzer)


Scotty communication of cathodic protection by IoT technology

Anotec proudly introduces the new Scotty communication system for cathodic protection equipment.  Using internet of things (IoT) technology data are gathered from transformer-rectifiers and test posts and sent out to a server.  From this server, by using algorithms, information is sent to the customer's dashboard.  In case of defects or expected failures by means of an e-mail or text the user will receive an alert. Find out more at www.scottymonitor.eu.  Here you may download the datasheets.  Or send us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Protecting 270 round piles for the RoRo project (Antwerp, Belgium)

For the Antwerp Port Authorities (Antwerp, Belgium), Anotec will protect a new RoRo terminal built on 279 round piles by means of deep well anodes.

The new and existing sheet piling will also be protected by the same cathodic protection system.

The project will give full corrosion protection for over 80 years.   The ICCP system is automatically controlled by several Stelth 7 IR free reference electrodes.

The drilling works will start by the end of 2017 and commissioning is foreseen by Spring 2018.   The ICCP system is automatically controlled by Stelth 7 IR free reference electrodes.

Marconi tramway project

For the new Marconi (MIVB/STIB) terminal tram station (Brussels, Belgium) Anotec developed a cathodic protection system for the corrosion protection of the concrete foundations' reinforcement steel.  Tramways are know for the production of stray currents which are the main source of corrosion in cities.  The system is based on two deepwell anode beds containing in total 24 tubular activated titanium anodes, Stelth 6 Ag/AgCl reference electrodes and potential steered transformer-rectifiers.  The Marconi terminal will start functioning by mid 2017.

Anodic protection systems at Tessenderlo Chemie (BE)

As one of the internatlonal leaders in internal cathodic protection, Anotec installed anodic protection systems on 2 above ground 700 m3 storage tanks containing sulfuric acid.  The anodic protection systems are linked to the control room by an communication system, informing about protection potential levels, currents and voltage applied, etc.

Floatgen, the new floating offshore wind farm

Anotec was asked by Bouygues Travaux Publics (Saint-Nazaire, France) to engineer and deliver a cathodic protection to the first floating windmill in Europe.  This project was made possible by financial aid of the European Commission.