"Time heals everything apart from corrosion." (A.J. Munzer)


Anotec offers as well materials supply as complete cathodic protection systems and consulting for underground pipelines.  Using deep well anode strings one is able to protect a long distance pipeline or a grid of pipelines using one small location.  For deep well or shallow ground anode beds Anotec gives customers the choice between tubular MMO coated titanium anodes or silicon iron anodes.
For chloride containing or contaminated soils Kynar HMWPE cables are the first choice.  

Anotec’s transformer-rectifiers have following features : a standard microcontroller for easy set up and data reading,  overvoltage protection on input, output and measuring, kWh reading, ON-OFF timer, automatic potential regulation and circuit breaker.  Capacities range from 5 A – 48 VDC up to 200 A – 50 VDC or even higher capacities on request.

The Scotty communication system is available for data transfer from the transformer-rectifier to the user’s desk.  All data may be communicated by an ethernet connection.  The read out takes place using the web platform or an e-mail server.

Other features available for pipeline cathodic protection systems:

  • polarisation cells (PCR’s)
  • test posts
  • spark gaps
  • reference electrodes with built-in coupons
  • coupons for OFF readings
  • magnesium anodes
  • magnesium wire