"Time heals everything apart from corrosion." (A.J. Munzer)

Communication systems

Scotty communication system


Survey of cathodic protection and antifouling systems for:

  • fuel staions
  • pipelines
  • schips
  • jetties
  • concrete
  • ...


Scotty is unique because…

the nature of the fault at the ICCP system is communicated to one or more users by e-mail. Fault indications include transformer-rectifier, anode cable, cathode cable, reference electrode fault, grounding error, measuring values and time of occurance.
There is also the possibility to download a logfile which can be treated / anlysed in Excel


By the use of microchips the dimensions of the Scotty system are limited to LxHxD 212x100x58 mm so that it may be built into each transformer- rectifier.

Mounting the Scotty module is also possible in a separate board.

Extra functions for fuel stations :

  • A leak detection system for one or more storage tanks is added
  • Possibility to add extra I/O uitputs to the module: oil-water separator, light, …


  • no need for a professional to analyse the ICCP data
  • immediate action is possible (eg when works are going on at the station)
  • a better corrosion protection due to limited ICCP interruptions.