"Time heals everything apart from corrosion." (A.J. Munzer)

Waste water plants

Waste water plants have different corrosion problems which may be cured by cathodic protection.  Underwater engines, oxydizing equipment , scrapers, ladders and even concrete rebar suffer from pollutants in the effluent which react with carbon or stainless steel.

Anodes used fort his kind of installations are zinc anodes or MMO tubular anodes.  In fact the ICCP systems for waste water plants are built as they were offshore structures.  Only using high quality components like Kynar cable, MMO anodes and state-of-the-art reference electrodes may be chosen for these operations.

Potential control is a must since waste water plants have different steel qualities and the medium characterics might change by every season, for instance due to the ingress of deicing salts, hotel occupation, etc.